New PvP map announcement!


Good day to you, officers!
Today we are bringing in some wonderful news for PvP-lovers.
In nearest future, one more skirmish map will be added to the game!

Today we will give you a sneak-peak at how it looks like.
The new map is called "Frontier". Its main feature is two absolutely different neighbouring climate zones. One side of the map is covered with snow, and the other one has already entered springtime.

The snowy CP is situated in a small Russian village with corresponding architecture.

The spring CP's look is more European, and a picturesque waterfall lies not so far from it.

Third CP in the centre of the map is surrounded by the woods, providing nice cover for your infantry units.

Altogether, landscape features of this map will make the skirmishes on it challenging and appealing to the eye. We hope that you will enjoy fighting on it!

P.S. As a small shout-out to our PvE community, we have something incoming for you, too. Stay tuned to read about the upcoming missions first!