Update 0.7.2


Good afternoon, commander!

By popular demand of the commissioned officers of the battlefronts and armies, the Blitzkrieg 3 Experimental Establishment has thoroughly inspected the current combat system to implement a higher level of realism.

A detailed list of changes is given below.

  • Soldiers could be injured by a dozen rifle bullets and still be alive. Now most combat units are destroyed with a few hits, but the chances a unit will miss have been increased to compensate.
  • New random weather effects have been added to the Multiplayer Campaign: rain and fog. Each of these significantly affects combat tactics.
  • Moving targets are harder to hit, but firing while moving is harder, too.
  • Now all infantry units are capable of capturing buildings, but Assault Infantry remain the most effective.
  • Mines have become invisible. Regular Infantry can use their Clear Minefield ability without restraints.
  • Bunkers can be stormed and re-captured.
  • Unit visibility ranges have been changed. To deliver fire effectively across long distances, Tanks and Tank destroyers need infantry support.
  • Tactical support actions have been completely rebalanced, with all unrealistic types being removed.
  • Some types of Tank Destroyers now have an indirect fire option, just like their real-world counterparts.
  • The player now must press any key to start the battle once the map/mission is completely loaded.
  • Improved leaderboards UI.
  • Single-player missions have been reworked to adjust to the new balance.

Nival Headquarters hopes that battlefront and army commanders will like these changes and calls for detailed feedback in the comments section.