Update 0.8.5


What’s new?

  • We've added Skirmish! Your goal in this mode is to increase your score by capturing and holding control points. At the moment there is only one symmetrical map available, but we plan to add more. This map includes three control points and a number of fortified strategic points. Right now, it's very important for us to thoroughly test the playability of this game mode and the map. For example: for the final version of the map, we want to create the feeling that the German line of defense was recently here and that now a head-on battle for this line is taking place. You can learn more about Skirmish mode, and how it differs from Assault mode, in Developer Diaries #12.
  • This new mode also presents previously unavailable fortifications, such as damaged tank pillboxes that cannot be assaulted, only destroyed. These can be a big help in defending captured points, but to use them, the player first needs to repair them.
  • Skirmish includes 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. However, the matchmaking lobby is currently unavailable. We're planning to add it in the next update.
  • Pathfinding has been completely reworked. Vehicles don't get "stuck" anymore and are better at reacting to orders and plotting courses. We mentioned this in Developer Diaries #13.
  • We've added bump mapping for terrain textures.
  • Unit attack priorities have been adjusted. Here are a few examples:
    • normally, if tank #1 meets tank #2 and a heavy tank, tank #1 will attack tank #2 first; however, if the heavy tank's status is poor enough and the probability of damaging it is high enough, tank #1 will now prefer to attack the heavy tank
    • if a tank destroyer faces an armored car and a tank, it'll attack the tank
    • anti-aircraft guns primarily target planes
    • anti-tank infantry prioritise attacking light vehicles over heavy vehicles.
  • Once you have seen fortifications in the fog of war, you'll only see the status they had when you last saw them. You can also command a unit to attack them.
  • The in-game options menu allows you to choose from several variants of how units are grouped in the reinforcements panel.
  • Whenever you hover over any friendly, enemy, or neutral object during combat, you'll see a tooltip (a pop-up window) with information about the object's name, class, durability, and current HP.
  • Fortifications are now more durable. They don't stop working after the first encounter, they can be recaptured several times without being destroyed, and they protect their positions throughout the whole game.


After a few days (on June 10), once we have a good idea of your impressions and an idea of the big picture, we'll arrange an in-game poll about this update. Don't forget to participate!