1. Fixed several cases when players would get disconnected from the server, including disconnects happening at the end of the missions.
  2. Previously, if any player during matchmaking opted out, the rest of the players in lobby became unable to enter any matches after that. This issue is fixed now.
  3. Some freezes have been fixed.
  4. The drop system has been changed. Fortifications have become an additional drop now. After winning a battle, you will always receive units, and fortifications will be dropped only sometimes as an extra reward.
  5. Free and occupied slots in buildings are now displayed correctly.
  6. Improved unit squads movement logic.
  7. Graphics settings dialog now saves selected in-game resolution correctly.
  8. A bug that prevented users from changing in-game resolution on certain laptop models has been fixed.  
  9. Unit background colors now correspond to unit’s rarity.
  10. Horizontal scrolling errors have been fixed.
  11. Infantry units which are holding their positions in fortifications are now shown on the central panel (same as infantry units in buildings).
  12. A significant number of bugs connected with units selection has been fixed.
  13. Units, which were shown without weapons during cut-scenes, now have their them in the right place.
  14. Now, after their elimination, infantry units are not falling from the fog of war.
  15. Fixed several cases when tank pillbox/trench construction timers were displayed incorrectly.
  16. Infantry received during the battle wasn't able to dig trenches. This bug has been fixed.
  17. PvP mode selection is now saved across game sessions.
  18. Fixed several cases when central panel would sort units incorrectly.


  1. An enemy’s infantryman can move separately from the rest of his squad (it will be fixed in the next version of the game).
  2. There are still some errors left in a few side missions' awards descriptions.