Technical patch №2


In the technical patch following issues have been solved:

1) Fixed Boris' (artificial intelligence in Custom game) behaviour. Boris used to call in units from 3d era in 1st and 2nd era lobbies.

2) Fixed an issue which caused 3rd era players who used Frontline from 1st or 2nd era to enter assault modes to fight in 3rd era assault. Now you will play against the era selected, not always the 3rd one.

3) Fixed a bug in "Direct fire" side mission.
Previously, there were several fortifications standing in one same place, now it has been corrrected and only one is on that spot.

4) Fixed a bug which messed up the assault group from the description of the mission screen and the actual assault group in the fight.
Now the units you selected on the screen with mission description will go in the battle with you, not the other ones :)

5) Fixed visibility of an anti-aircraft gun in Siege of Sevastopol. Now it is easy to spot and with that, possible to complete the mission without loosing several troops to its fire.

6) Fixed a bug in Workshop for the German faction which made it impossible to buy upgrades for StuG and Nashorn. Now you can purchase them and continue upgrading your units.