Brazilian Portuguese and Serbian languages added!


What's new:

1) Brazilian Portuguese and Serbian languages added!
As some of you may know, we've launched Translate Blitzkrieg 3 Project on Crowdin in May 2017. With great help of our community base, we are now able to expand the list of languages supported.

We would like to express our gratitude to:
- Andrei Soares Portes Machado for translating more than 50% of the text to Brazilian Portuguese.
- Goran Bošnjak, Dule Dudule, Goran Milinkov and Nikoladiv for contributing in Serbian translation!

Thank you so much for making these translations come true.

We hope that we will be able to bring Blitzkrieg 3 to even more languages. If you are interested in helping us and receiving some nice prizes for your contributions, please feel free to visit our Crowdin page:


1) Fight with Boris (as a separate game mode) is no longer available in Demo.
Please remember that in the previous update we've introduced rating Boris in Multiplayer (Skirmish 1х1). These fights against him remain available and also provide you rating points and units for victories.

2) Reworked tutorial
Now it consists of one campaign mission, one side-mission and one tutorial Skirmish battle. Now you will be able to get to Multiplayer and other content of the game faster than before, learning about all the mechanics of the game in only 3 fights. 
Tutorial side-missions had been reworked to provide more information on how to play for the beginners.


Fixed issues:

1) Graphics optimization improved. 
2) Several graphics issues solved.