Update 0.9.3


Gameplay Changes:

1. Added 5 new campaign missions and 2 side-missions for USSR.
2. Battle results screen has been redone completely.
3.Battle replays which can be accessed from battle results screen have been added to the game.
4. Reworked commander bonuses; for example, Soviet general Konev will now give heavy tanks bonuses, since USSR did not have a commander who provided buffs for heavy tanks.
5. You can see all factions’ battle fronts on the globe now.
6. Updated UI icons for all USSR and German armored vehicles; in upcoming versions other icons will be updated too, including infantry ones as well.
7. Rewards screen has been updated.
8. You can now use WASD keys for scrolling on globe screen. It can also be done with mouse.
9. You can change your attack commander by clicking on commander’s icon on the screen shown before the battle.
10. Increased drop of additional reward, namely fortifications.
11. Session notification history feature is back; you can now press Ctrl+L to see all messages you’ve received during a mission via radio.

Fixed Issues:

1. The error that sometimes occurred during matchmaking and could block players from playing skirmish is finally fixed.
2. Players’ readiness status in PvP modes is now being updated in real time.
3. Fixed tank firing animations.
4. Weapon descriptions for armored vehicles are restored.
5. Previously, when moving cursor over an object more than once, its name would not be displayed; this issue is fixed now.
6. Previously, when pausing the game and clicking on any unit, all of the units of the same type would be selected; this is now fixed.
7. Previously, if several unit squads occupied a building if you wanted any of them to leave it, they left it all at once. Now you can select the one leaving the building, while the others will be left inside.
8. Removed white message popups that notified about mission replacement.
9. Fixed a bug that could cause game to freeze during session load.
10. Fixed a bug that prevented players from calling last unit from reserve.
11. Re-enabled area bombardment for USA MRL.