Update 0.9


Commanders, we would like to invite you to try this wide-ranging update full of exciting changes: a campaign on behalf of the Axis countries, a modified economy, a rarity system, and a temporary store.

The General Staff urges you to promptly report all errors and inaccuracies you encounter in combat. Contribute to the project’s development and help it improve even more!


What’s new?

  • A full-blown German campaign has been added.
    You will have 7 missions that cover the main periods of the war and show the role of special forces in significant operations. We’ve done our best to make them as historically accurate as possible.
  • Two new missions have been added to the campaign: 
    The Battle of El Alamein and the Siege of Sevastopol.
    The Battle of El Alamein:
    The Panzer Army Africa under Rommel’s command has suffered a defeat against the British, who used their greatly superior forces and air supremacy to break through the German frontlines and start pursuing the enemy troops. The Italian forces that Rommel left without vehicles have been taken prisoner.
    The taskforce must attack a British base far behind enemy lines. The goal of the attack is to distract the enemy and deprive it of the supplies it needs for an offensive. The taskforce can count on any assistance from the remaining German forces.
    The Siege of Sevastopol:
    The 11th Army under Manstein’s command has received an order to take Sevastopol at any cost. A significant number of Luftwaffe forces and unlimited ammo have been supplied to complete the objective.
    Supported by heavy vehicles, your taskforce has to break through to the shore of Severnaya Bay and ensure fire adjustment for the siege artillery on the mooring areas to prevent the Soviet command from transferring ammunition and reinforcements to Sevastopol.
  • 9 secondary missions have been added.
    In addition to key campaign missions, some extra PvE battles will be available. You will receive rewards for your victories and be able to toughen up your troops and commanders in combat and increase their stats.
  • The game’s economic system has been changed.
    You can no longer purchase units for resources (except for the temporary store). You will receive rewards for participating in battles. You will be able to gain access to new vehicles, infantry, weapons, and obstructions during combat. Exactly what depends on the game mode and map.
  • Tiers have been removed from the game.
  • All player rankings will be reset and divided for different modes. No leaderboard is available in the current version, but this is temporary.
  • You will not lose your previous progress: you will immediately go to the corresponding war period (starting from this version it will divided into 3 eras). However, you will lose all vehicles, infantry, and obstructions and have to assemble your army again. For a limited time only, a store been added to the game where you can buy various units for a temporary currency. You will get a certain number of glory points depending on your progress, tier, and rank in the record table.
  • The main menu has been removed from the game.
  • New players now choose a faction immediately and start the game with the Poland mission. When they log in next time, they are immediately transferred to the global map. This window will show all available battles, transfers to the base and between eras, a player’s army, the system menu, news, etc. All stores have been removed from your combat section. A parade ground where your vehicles will be shown has been added. The appearance of the base will reflect your progress and correspond to the historical era.
  • Now, before entering any battle (including a single-user PvE), a player assembles a detachment from the vehicles and infantry at their disposal. Units taken into combat must suit the conditions of the historical operation (in terms of years and purpose). Part of the detachment can be available when the battle starts, while the remainder can be available later, for use as reinforcements.
  • Many changes have been made in the balance for the Skirmish and Assault modes, including alterations to attack limits and generating Reinforcement Points and Victory Points. General combat stats for vehicles have also been recalculated, including side/rear damage, aiming time, accuracy at close range etc.
  • The total number of units has almost doubled.
  • The commander system and chat will be temporarily unavailable. Also, since the trench system has been reworked, there are no longer any trenches at bases.
  • To change fraction in this version of the game, you need to go to your base. While being on it, press ESC and choose the necessary option in the menu.
  • If you were tier 1 or 2, you will have to replay the first mission of the game. If you reached higher tiers, “Capture of Poland” will be completed with 1 star automatically. You will receive a reward for 1 star walkthrough, also.