9 new missions added!


We have introduced tips in the first missions - buttons, icons, and areas are highlighted to help newcomers find their way around faster.

9 new missions were added!

1. Failure of attack

In this mission, you must destroy the enemy’s huge ammo depot to ensure a successful offensive on the front.

2. Desert base

In this mission, your objective is to capture a German base that has great strategic importance. There are several checkpoints on its approach routes that won’t be easy to pass. Beware of enemy aircraft!

3. On the approach routes to the city

German troops have firmly dug in and are operating under aircraft cover. You must break through the opposition and free the city from occupation.

4. Operation in Messina

Your objective is to reach the German command headquarters, where a high-ranking officer is now. You must capture him and take him to the command headquarters to give a statement.

5. Rescue operation

One of the allied special groups was able to obtain important intelligence, but the group was discovered. The opposition is keeping the soldiers in a bunker in the interior of the island. They won’t hold out for long! You must rescue them and deliver the intel to the commander.

6. Battle of Aachen

At a break in the Siegfried Line, your army stumbled upon a heavily fortified site in the Aachen area. Fierce fighting is taking place on the approach routes to the city. Despite this, your special group managed to get into the city. Now you have to secure your positions.

7. Yelnya Offensive

In this mission, your objective is use a tactical ploy to lure the enemy away from the town and toward our minefields. Then force the weakened garrison out of the town.

8. Easy prey

December 1941, Libya. A British offensive runs along the entire front line. Combined units from Australia, Greece and Great Britain are pushing the German divisions toward Tobruk. Your mission is to break through to the German outpost, capture it, and hold it until reinforcements arrive.

9. Firestorm

In early August, 1942 Goth’s tank army performed an intense march and flanked Soviet troops to the southwest of Stalingrad. Command has decided to ambush it with Katyusha mortars near the Abganerovo train station. Your mission is to provide cover for the Katyushas and, with their help, stop the German assault.

A map for Skirmish Mode, "Port in the desert," was added! You will find out more about it in a separate news post.

New units were added for Deluxe edition owners.
You can get a hold of them, like with any other unit, by fighting in PvE and PvP.

1) Improved synchronization: downloading and updating players’ readiness status will go a little faster.

2) The "Army Reserve" window in the battle is now automatically hidden if the player gives an order or clicks an object on the battlefield.

3) Support on the globe was moved to the right side of the screen.

4) The display of infantry units in homes was modified.

5) Icons for effects from vehicles and the forest were modified.

6) A number of bugs were fixed.

1) The "reconnection" function was added. If a user loses connection with the game, he/she can return to the battle within 2 minutes (for PvP) or continue gameplay from the moment of the disconnection.


2) Voicing of important events in the game was added. For example, "Your troops were attacked" and "Enemy aircraft spotted."

3) The ability "Throw anti-tank grenade" was added for the assault infantry.

4) In PvE missions, the number of reinforcement points for the missions are now displayed.

5) In the window for the commander’s rewards, the units that you already received for moving up a level and the reward for subsequent levels are now displayed.

Known issues:
1. If you reconnect, the game may struggle upon loading the client after ending up a skirmish match. But don't worry - all the rewards and the raiting points will be added correctly.
2. There may be problems with registration in 2x2 and 3x3 skirmish modes.