Update 0.9.4


Gameplay changes:

1. Added Quick Save feature!

Below is the explanation of how the Quick Save feature will work.
You have only one savegame slot available at a time.

You can load the game:

  • During a mission;
  • If you fail a mission you made the save in;
  • If you quit the game or connection to server was lost.

Please note that if you LEAVE THE BATTLE (not the game, but the battle), your Quick Save will be ERASED.

2. Added three first missions for the Allies!
They are: Libya, The Battle of Crete and The Relief of Tobruk.

3. Reworked rewards system: now rewards are more diverse, while rare units drop chance is increased.

4. “Hold Fire” button now functions differently.

If you order your unit to hold fire, it will stop attacking other targets until you cancel that order. You can cancel the order by clicking “Hold Fire” button again, directly ordering your unit to attack or by giving an order to attack an area with E button.


Fixed issues:

1) SPG no longer approaches a position of a unit it attacks if the unit leaves visible area.

2) In Rebellion in Warsaw mission you can save the Home Army even after you saved Armia Ludowa now.

3) Fixed a bug when units could occasionally get stuck during Luga mission.