New Directives


Since the “Blitzkrieg 3” SEA release we have received a lot of comments and suggestions from our players.

Alongside our community, we overcame a heavy workload that determined the direction of Blitzkrieg 3’s upcoming evolution.

Many new features are going to be added:

Synchronous PvP mode.

We are glad to announce new multiplayer modes where players will now have the opportunity to battle armies led by human opponents in real-time:

1) Classical RTS 1v1 battles, where both players attempt to conquer each other with limited amount of units and resources. Total enemy annihilation is the main goal in this mode.

2) Attack enemy bases and defend your own in real-time. If your base is under attack while you are in the game, you will have an opportunity to lead your defending troops yourself. If you are going to attack a hostile base, be prepared to fight not with an AI opponent, but with a human one.

New multiplayer modes are currently in active development and we will be pleased to tell you more about them in the near future.

New Historical missions.

This June players will have an opportunity to challenge their strategic skills in new historical missions.

Three missions will be added, one for each side of the conflict. The Campaign interface will also be reworked.

The Generals.

We continue to work on the tactical aspect of the game, adding a variety of improvements. Generals are the new gameplay component with the aim to make every battle unique and unrepeatable.

Generals features:

1) Define the support and unit types players can use in their current battle

2) Provide different bonuses to appropriate unit types. From accuracy improvements to unique special abilities

3) Affect quality and quantity of player defenses

4) Gain unique attack and defensive behavior patterns

5) While gaining battle experience, Generals level grows and new abilities can be obtained.

Opportunity to play for every side of the conflict. Fraction units distinction.

Players will be able to develop up to three bases at any one time: Northern Allies, Germany and USSR with separate progress for each. With this feature fraction units distinction will be added.


Common infantry units will be reinforced with engineers who can bear mines and Czech hedgehogs. For players that do not play with common infantry, we will add another type of engineer as support.

Historical changes.

The damage of machine guns against tanks will be significantly decreased.

USSR early tier troops will be armed not with grenade launchers but with native anti-tank guns.

Localization improvements.

All in-game text and speech will be reworked and become more pleasant to the ears of native speakers.