Tier 7 is Open!


Tier 7 is Open!

Blitzkrieg 3 dev-team continues to inform our community of the latest innovations at the hot spots of the front.

Experienced commanders can now travel to large-scale Tier 7 PvP maps: Dam, Large Coal Quarry, and Hills.

As the developers prepare to implement the faction differences, their team has rebalanced units, allowing to make interactions between classes more realistic. Also, Anzio has been added, a fourth historical mission for the Allies concentrating on urban combat where a small squad of soldiers holds out against a united enemy force.

If you are an owner of the Strategic or Deluxe Edition, you’ll be able to build a monument to one of your faction’s great leaders: Lenin for the USSR, Lincoln for the Allies, and Bismarck for Germany. This costs 500 resources.

You can view the complete list of changes at the Blitzkrieg 3 forums.

See you on the front lines!


Blitzkrieg 3 team